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#7001-40 The GLOBAL Market for ORGANIC Food & drink  (1st edition)

Published: July 2003
Pages: 147
Price: EUR 599

North America Fuelling Global Market Expansion
Global sales of organic food & drink increased by 10.1 percent to USD 23 billion in 2002.

The highest growth was observed in North America where the US market has been given a lift by the implementation of the National Organic Programme (NOP). The NOP has raised the profile of organic products and they are becoming highly visible in mainstream retailers. Americans are buying organic food & drink as they are seen to be healthier and more natural than non-organic products. This is a factor for organic fresh fruit & vegetables to comprise most sales in the American organic food industry.

The Western European market for organic food & drink is the second largest in the world. Market growth slowed to 7.8 percent in 2002 with a number of countries reporting slowing growth rates. The German market was hit by the Nitrofen food scandal and consumer demand in countries like the UK and Denmark is stabilizing whilst other countries like Italy and Switzerland continue to report high sales growth. Slowing growth rates are causing the organic meat & dairy sectors to experience overcapacity in some European countries.

Organic food production is stepping up in the four corners of the globe with almost 23 million hectares of farmland managed organically. Much of the increase is occurring in third world countries where some farmers are attracted to the export benefits of organic food production. Many governments are encouraging farmers to convert to organic farming for this reason however the study calls for a cautionary approach for the potential of export markets is often overstated. Market growth rates are slowing and supply-demand imbalances are expected to become a feature of the global organic food industry.

The global market is projected to continue to expand however at slower growth rates. The industrialised world is expected to comprise most revenues however other regions are to show high growth due to the growing popularity of regional markets. The formation of trading blocs and convergence of consumer demand are also to stimulate demand in other countries.

This report gives an overview of the organic food & drink industry in the major geographic regions. The business opportunities are highlighted along with recommendations to tap the business potential. Report contents include market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, industry challenges, key country reports, consumer behaviour patterns, and details of leading producers & retailers.

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