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#7002-40 The GLOBAL Market for ORGANIC Food & drink:
Business Opportunities & Future Outlook

Published: November 2006
Pages: 213
Price: EUR 1,199

Global Sales of Organic Food & Drink Approaching $40 billion
Exceptionally high market growth rates are pushing global organic food & drink sales towards US $40 billion this year. With demand outpacing supply, a number of regions are experiencing supply shortages.

Undersupply is most evident in the North American region where empty retailer shelves have become the norm for some product categories. Several European countries are also experiencing supply shortages this year as consumer demand for organic foods has escalated. The organic meat & dairy sectors are the most adversely affected with imports coming into both regions from Latin America and Australasia.

Fresh produce is the leading organic product category, comprising a third of global revenues. Fruit & vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots and potatoes are typical entry points for consumers buying organic products. Their fresh nature appeals to consumers seeking healthy & nutritious foods. Dairy products and beverages are the next most important organic product categories.

This report analyses the global market for organic food & drink, giving an assessment of the future outlook and business opportunities. Future projections are given in terms of organic food production, market growth forecasts, and industry trends. The business opportunities in each geographic region are highlighted for new entrants and exporters.

Prepared by researching the global organic food industry over 5 years, this report gives detailed market information on the major geographic regions. Regional chapters contain market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, regulations & standards, category analysis, sales channels breakdown, consumer behaviour, competitive analysis, retailer profiles and business opportunities.

Details are given of the leading organic food producers, retailers and importers in each region. The leading markets for organic food & drink are listed as well as those with most business prospects.

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