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5 JUNE 2013                                                                              amsterdam, the netherlands

Masterclass Overview
The growing number of scandals involving falsely labeled foods is generating high interest in food authentication methods and traceability. This aim of this masterclass is to help organisations protect themselves from food fraud by improving controls and transparency in their supply chains. How can the threat of food fraud be mitigated by introducing greater controls and more rigorous testing methods? How can supply chains for food products become shorter and more transparent?

The masterclass begins with an introduction to the various types of food fraud. Details are given of the most common product types targeted by fraudsters. The impact of such fraud on human health, consumer confidence, the environment and commerce is assessed. The supply chain for modern food products is described, including vulnerability spots for food fraud. Existing control methods in food supply chains are outlined, as well as their limitations. Using case studies of recent food fraud scandals, measures to improve traceability in supply chains will be discussed.

A detailed account will be given of food authentication methods: what types of analytical methods are applicable for specific food products and targeted tests? The growing use of fingerprinting methods and food isotopes will be discussed, as well as emerging technologies.

Practical advice will be given to operators on what analytical techniques and methods are most suitable for specific tests and product groups. Recommendations will also be given to strengthen supply chains and improve transparency.

Learning Objectives
Questions addressed by this Masterclass:
What is the extent of fraud in the food industry?
What are the various types of food fraud?
What types of products are most targeted and why?
Why is food fraud intricately linked to food safety?
Where are the vulnerable spots in typical food supply chains?
Why are existing control methods vulnerable to food fraud?
How can supply chains be strengthened to minimise food fraud?
How can traceability be improved across supply chains?
What analytical methods are commonly used to detect food fraud?

   > What is the use of food isotopes and mass spectrometry?
   > What new technologies are emerging to counter food fraud?
   > What lessons can be learned from existing cases of food fraud?

This half-day masterclass programme is designed for operators in the food industry looking to mitigate the threat of food fraud, especially in light of recent food scandals.

The masterclass pack is now available, with complete seminars and workshop information, for EUR 99. To place an order, please email us














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