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25 JUNE 2014                                                                                                          paris, france

Masterclass Overview
Green ingredients are gaining popularity, however their use in cosmetic formulations continues to bring technical challenges. This new Masterclass gives an update on the range of green ingredients available to cosmetic formulators and tackles the major formulation issues. The Masterclass comprises a morning seminar programme that highlights developments in green ingredients and an interactive workshop that looks at innovations using green actives.

Morning Seminars: Advances in Green Ingredients
The first part of the Masterclass highlights some of the major developments in green ingredients. Details are given of new preservative, emulsifier and surfactant systems, thickeners & stabilisers, as well as marine ingredients for personal care applications. What are the technical issues of using such new materials, and how do they compare with those in conventional cosmetic formulations?

With many brands grappling to meet natural & organic cosmetic standards like Cosmos, details of the formulation issues of adopting popular standards. Another seminar provides the latest data on the global market for natural & organic cosmetics: what regions are showing the fastest growth, and what country markets are most prospective for exporters?

Interactive Workshop: Innovating with Green Actives
This workshop looks at how brands can innovate using green active ingredients. Details are given of the various types of green actives available to product developers and formulators. The technical issues involved in using green actives in cosmetic formulations will be discussed. Practical advice and guidance is given to companies looking to formulate green cosmetics that meet popular standards. Questions addressed by this workshop:
   > How could green actives be classified?
   > How are green actives spurring innovation in skin care, hair care and other products?
   > How are technological advances leading to the emergence of new green actives?  
   > What is the stance of the major certification agencies towards green active materials?
   > What developments are occurring in sustainable extraction and processing methods?
   > What are the most popular functions of green actives in personal care applications?
   > Why are the safety, stability and technical issues when using green ingredients?
   > What guidance can be given to companies looking to innovate using green ingredients?
   > What is the outlook for green actives in personal care formulations?

The masterclass is designed for cosmetic brand owners, product developers, formulators, ingredient suppliers and industry organisations.

The masterclass pack is now available, with complete seminars and workshop information, for EUR 199. To place an order, please email us














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