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23 JANUARY 2015                                                                                       SAN FRANCISCO, USA

Masterclass Overview
The personal care industry is going green, with a growing number of cosmetic brands and ingredient firms looking at natural & organic labels and certification. However, the green road is fraught with technical and marketing hurdles. This new masterclass aims to navigate companies through the green maze by helping overcome the major marketing and technical issues.

The masterclass comprises morning seminars that give an update on green standards & labels, regulatory framework, and market developments. An interactive workshop covers technical issues associated with developing natural & organic personal care products.

Morning Seminars: Green Labels and Standards
To begin, an
update will be given on the most popular natural and organic personal care standards & labels in North America: NPA, NSF ANSI 305, USDA NOP. An overview will be given on the Whole Foods Market Body Care standard, as well as important standards in Europe, such as COSMOS, Ecocert and NaTrue. The adoption and labeling issues for these standards will be discussed. An update will also be given on green preservative options for certified products. 

A case study will be given of an organic personal care brand taking the certification route: how has it overcome the raw material and formulation obstacles? An attorney will go over the regulatory framework for green marketing claims. Another paper covers latest developments in the US & global market for natural & organic personal care products: what growth rates are projected in the coming years, and what is the outlook for green labels?

Interactive Workshop: Developing Green Products
his workshop guides personal care brands and ingredient firms on how to develop natural & organic products. The workshop leader will go through the major technical issues of developing such products, especially for companies considering the certification route. An update will be given on the growing palette of green ingredients, especially replacements to parabens, SLS / SLES, silicones and other synthetic chemicals.

Practical advice and guidance will be given to companies looking to formulate natural and organic personal care products, or those looking to 'clean up' their formulations.

Reasons to Attend

The Masterclass will address the following questions:
   > What green labels and standards are gaining popularity in North America / other regions?
   > How is the natural & organic personal care industry evolving in terms of green materials?
   > What is the future direction of the natural & organic personal care products market?
   > How can brands and ingredient firms avoid green marketing and labeling pitfalls?
   > What green materials are replacing contentious synthetic ingredients?
   > What preservative systems can be used for green personal care formulations?
   > What developments are occurring in green emulsifiers, surfactants & emollients?
   > How can brands get the coveted USDA NOP Organic logo for their products?
   > How can brands develop 'chemically-clean' personal care products?
   > What technical advice can be given to green product developers?

The masterclass is designed for personal care companies, product developers, formulators, ingredient suppliers, certification agencies and industry organizations.


The masterclass pack is now available, with complete seminars and workshop slides, for USD 249. To place an order, please email us















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