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Natural Cosmetic MASTERCLASS:

JULY 8, 2009                                                                        REGENT'S COLLEGE,  London (UK)

Masterclass Overview
Natural & organic standards and the use of food ingredients in cosmetics are the focus of this new Natural Cosmetics Masterclass.

The masterclass has been designed to assist companies with the formulation & technical issues they face when adopting new natural & organic cosmetic standards and using food ingredients. The masterclass is designed for cosmetic manufacturers, formulators and ingredient companies looking at these emerging areas. The masterclass comprises two interactive workshops....

Workshop 1: Critical Review of Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards             0930- 1300

The first workshop will begin by giving precise details of the finalised Cosmos standard, set by the leading certification agencies in Europe. Details will then be given of the NaTrue standard, backed by some of the largest natural cosmetic manufacturers. A comparison assessment will be undertaken of these and other private standards in Europe and North America, including Soil Association, BDiH, Ecocert, NSF, OASIS and NPA. The workshop will examine the formulation, ingredient & technical issues of these standards, addressing the following questions:

   > What are the precise details of the finalised Cosmos natural & organic cosmetic standards?
   > What are the various levels of the NaTrue standard?
   > What are the precise details of North American standards: OASIS, NSF, and NPA?
   > What are the differences between the major standards in Europe and North America?
   > What are the practical implications of adopting these various standards?
   > What is the process to get a cosmetic product / ingredient certified?
   > What are the certification issues concerning raw materials, ingredients, formulations, etc.?
   > What guidance can be given to companies looking to adopt these standards?

Workshop 2: Formulating Natural Cosmetics with Food Ingredients               1400- 1730

With a growing number of product developers and formulators turning to the kitchen table for cosmetic ingredients, this workshop examines the technical & formulation issues involved. A review is undertaken of the food ingredients that can be used in cosmetic products, their potential benefits, safety & preservative and formulation issues. Case studies will be given of ingredient and cosmetic companies who have successfully overcome the technical & formulation hurdles.

This workshop is designed for cosmetic manufacturers and ingredient companies looking to understand and overcome the challenges when using food ingredients in personal care applications.

   > What food ingredients can or should be used?
   > What benefits are provided by using food ingredients in cosmetics?
   > What are the major classes of food ingredients?
   > What synthetic chemicals are typically absent in natural & organic cosmetics?
   > What are the natural replacements to these synthetic chemicals?
   > What natural actives can be derived from food ingredients?
   > What are the major technical issues with food ingredients?
   > How can these challenges and pitfalls be overcome?

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