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Natural Cosmetic MASTERCLASS:
Ethical Cosmetic Eco-Labels Assessment & Global opportunities

FEB 18-19, 2010                                                                                     NUREMBERG,  GERMANY

Masterclass Overview
Rising ethical consumerism is leading the beauty industry to look at new eco-labels that cover fair trade, ethical sourcing, social aspects, biodiversity, etc. This new Masterclass critically reviews these new eco-labels, focusing on the technical issues of adoption as well as highlighting the business opportunities.

This Natural Cosmetics Masterclass comprises two interactive workshops....

Workshop 1: Assessment of Fairtrade & Ethical Cosmetic Standards           
Feb 18th,  1400-1730

The Masterclass begins with a workshop that gives details of the most popular eco-labels for ethical cosmetics. The various fairtrade labelling schemes are described, followed by other ethical initiatives that include Nordic Swan, IBD Eco-Social, Eco Flower, etc.

A critical review is undertaken of these eco-labelling schemes in which the ingredient, formulation and technical issues involved in adoption are examined. A comparison is then made of these standards with leading natural & organic cosmetic standards. Practical advice is given to overcome the technical issues involved in adopting these standards. Features of the workshop:

   > What are the leading eco-labels / standards for ethical cosmetics?
   > How do they differ from natural & organic cosmetic standards?
   > How does a cosmetic product / ingredient become certified fair trade?
   > What fair trade ingredients are available to product developers and formulators?
   > What are the various fair trade standards for beauty products? How do they differ?
   > What are the technical & formulation issues of adopting ethical cosmetic standards?
   > What are the labelling issues for ethical cosmetics? What claims can be made?
   > How can you overcome the pitfalls of formulating ethical cosmetic products?
   > What guidance can be given to companies looking to adopt these emerging standards?

Workshop 2: Growth Opportunities in the Global Market for Ethical Cosmetics
Feb 19th,  1430-1730

The second workshop analyses the global market for ethical cosmetics, highlighting the business opportunities to existing participants and new entrants.

It begins by giving a global overview, showcasing the leading regional / country markets. The major market developments are highlighted: product & ingredient trends, market drivers & restraints, retailing issues and consumer trends. Case studies will be given of companies who are successfully riding the ethical wave. The workshop ends by giving future growth projections and by emphasising the business openings.

Key features of the workshop:

   > What is the size of the ethical cosmetics market?
   > What regions and countries have the largest markets?
   > Why are ethical cosmetics becoming popular with consumers?
   > What are the major market & retailing trends?

   > What are the product & ingredient developments?
   > Who are the leading producers & retailers of ethical cosmetics?
   > What is the future growth potential of this emerging market?
   > What are the business opportunities for existing operators & new entrants?

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