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Natural Cosmetic MASTERCLASS:

SEp 29-30, 2010                                                                                                  NEW YORK,  USA

Masterclass Overview
Organic Monitor is hosting its first-ever Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in North America alongside HBA Global Expo 2010. The Masterclass comprises two interactive workshops that are designed for technical & business professionals in the beauty and personal care industry. The first workshop navigates delegates through the maze of natural & organic standards, whilst the second workshop highlights the business opportunities in the global market for natural & organic cosmetics. 

Workshop 1: Unraveling Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards  
Sep 29th,  1000-1300

Although the number of natural & organic cosmetic standards is increasing, there has been a
relatively low take-up rate in North America. However, the adoption rate is envisaged to increase significantly as retailers such as Whole Foods Market demand certified products.

This workshop guides personal care & ingredient companies on the practical implications of natural & organic standards. A critical review is undertaken of the leading standards for natural & organic cosmetics in North America: NPA, NSF, USDA NOP, etc. Details are given of the ingredient and formulation issues for companies looking at the certification route. An assessment is also made of leading standards in Europe and other regions; standards covered include Cosmos, NaTrue, Ecocert, BDIH,  etc. Features of the workshop:
   > What are the leading natural & organic standards in North America?
What are the details of standards, such as NSF ANSI 305, NPA and OASIS?
   > How can th
e the USDA NOP standard can be applied to personal care products?
  > What are the precise details of the new Cosmos standard in Europe? How does it compare
      with existing standards like NaTrue, Ecocert, Soil Association?

 > What are the differences between the various standards in North America and Europe?
   > What are the practical implications of adopting these different standards?

   > What are the labelling and certification issues?
   > What is the process to get a cosmetic product / ingredient get certified?
   > What are the technical issues concerning ingredients, formulations, etc.?
   > What guidance can be given to companies looking to adopt these standards

The workshop is designed for product developers, formulators, cosmetic companies, ingredient suppliers and industry organizations.

Workshop 2: Business Openings in the Global Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics
Sep 30th,  1000-1300

Natural & organic is the fastest growing sector of the cosmetics industry. This workshop gives a global assessment of the natural & organic cosmetics market, highlighting the business opportunities to existing participants and new entrants.

The workshop begins by giving a global overview, showcasing the leading regional / country markets. The major market developments are highlighted: product & ingredient trends, market drivers & restraints, retailing i
ssues and consumer trends. Case studies will be given of companies who are successfully riding the natural wave. The workshop ends by giving future growth projections and by emphasising the business openings.

Key features of the workshop:

   > What is the size of the natural & organic cosmetics market?
   > What regions and countries have the largest markets?
   > Why are consumers turning to natural & organic products?
   > What are the major market & retailing trends?

   > What are the product & ingredient developments?
   > Who are the leading producers & retailers of natural cosmetics?
   > What is the future growth potential of this emerging market?
   > What are the business opportunities for existing operators & new entrants?

This workshop is designed for organizations looking to identify and realise business opportunities in the natural & organic cosmetics industry.

The Masterclass was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, alongside HBA Global Expo 2010.

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