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Natural Cosmetic MASTERCLASS: sustainable fragrances

2 march 2011                                                                                                        paris, france

Masterclass Overview
There is growing interest in sustainable fragrances, however the adoption rate remains low because of many technical & formulation issues. This Masterclass will discuss the major issues involved in using sustainable fragrances in cosmetic products, including raw material availability, performance, certification, stability, safety and other formulation challenges. The Masterclass comprises a morning seminar programme and an interactive workshop that looks at practical solutions to overcome the technical hurdles.

Morning Seminars: Fragrances and Sustainability

The Masterclass begins with a review of the major sustainability issues concerning fragrances. The fragrance requirements of leading natural & organic cosmetic standards, such as Cosmos and NaTrue, are discussed. Key speakers will also look at the major technical & formulation issues, such as raw material supply, formulating and processing, stability, aesthetics and allergens. A leading manufacturer will share its experiences in developing and manufacturing sustainable fragrances. An update will also be given on the European natural cosmetics market, which is generating high demand for natural & organic fragrances.

Interactive Workshop: Developing Sustainable Fragrances

This workshop explores the sustainable fragrance options available to formulators and product developers, and provides practical solutions to the technical hurdles. The workshop leader will review the raw materials available, highlighting the related sourcing, quality and cost issues. The blending of fragrances is discussed, including a review of the formulation challenges. Sustainability and technical issues, such as raw material provenance, standards, odour variability, stability, safety and allergens will be covered. Participants will also be able to smell and use raw materials to develop their own simple 'signature' natural fragrance blends.

Key features of the workshop:

   > What are the range of sustainable fragrance options to formulators?
   > Apart from natural & organic, what are the other alternatives to synthetic fragrances?
   > Why are the drivers of demand for sustainable fragrances?
   > What are the sourcing issues related to sustainable fragrances?

   > How can companies overcome raw material issues like invariable supply, quality and costs?
   > What are the fragrance requirements for certified natural & organic cosmetics?
   > What are the formulation issues associated with
natural & organic fragrances?
   > How can the technical hurdles be overcome?
   > How can the issues related to the performance / aesthetic value be solved?
   > What is the overall potential of sustainable fragrances?

The workshop is designed for product developers, formulators, cosmetic companies, ingredient suppliers and industry organisations.

The workshop packs are now available, with complete seminar and workshop information, for EUR 199. To place an order, please
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