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Our expertise in the natural cosmetics / personal care products industry is well-established. We have undertaken a large number of business & technical research projects for cosmetic companies, ingredient suppliers and retailers. We have also published a comprehensive series of research reports on this emerging industry.


Research Publications

Our reports series includes:

#7001-60 The Global Market for Natural & Organic PC Products

#3002-60 The North American Market for Natural & Organic PC Products

#4101-60 The Australian Market for Natural & Organic PC Products

#7051-60 Strategic Insights: Mergers, Acquisitions & Investments
in the Natural Personal Care Industry  

#8041-11 Technical Insights: Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards,
   A Critical Assessment

#1231-60 Consumer Insights: Natural & Organic PC Products in the UK

Technical Research

We provide technical research to help companies with formulation & certification issues concerning natural personal care products. We provide technical assistance on natural & organic standards, formulations, replacement of synthetic chemicals and related issues.

More information on our technical research capabilities is on the webpage

Business consulting & customised research

regularly undertake business consulting & research projects in the natural personal care products industry. Basic research projects involve providing data on markets, products and pricing. More advanced projects involve us providing business advise and recommendations on market entry, distribution, product launch, investments, mergers and acquisitions.

Some of the customi
sed research & consulting projects we have undertaken include:

  • Investment and Growth Options for Organic Cosmetics Company

  • Natural Cosmetics Workshop: Ingredient & Formulation Challenges

  • Profiles of Cosmetic Manufacturers for Natural Ingredients Supplier

  • Competitive Profiles of Importers in the UK

Case study 1: Natural Cosmetic Workshop on Ingredients and Formulation Challenges

Organic Monitor conducted a workshop that addressed the major challenges companies face when formulating natural cosmetics. The workshop began by looking at what constitutes a natural and organic product, highlighting the ingredients that are commonly found in such products.

The workshop leader then gave details of the synthetic chemicals that are typically absent in natural & organic cosmetics. An assessment was made of the natural alternatives, their functionality and performance. The workshop then gave a detailed review of natural & organic standards, comparing and contrasting the permissible ingredients of each.

The interactive workshop enabled delegates to put forward the major problems they face when formulating natural and organic cosmetics. Key pointers and guidance were given to overcome challenges involving formulations, ingredients and synthetic chemicals. The delegates left the workshop with clear guidelines on how to produce / re-formulate natural & organic cosmetics.

Case study 2: Competitive
Profiles of Importers in the UK

A producer of natural personal care products was looking to start exporting to the UK. It had no prior contacts or experience in the UK market and commissioned Organic Monitor to identify and profile prospective import partners.

The first step involved listing importers and distributors of natural personal care & related products from our internal databases. A shortlist of companies that met the client's criteria was drawn up. These companies were then contacted and their interest in the client's product range gauged. Companies that were interested in the natural personal care products and who were capable of distributing to the target sales channels were profiled.

The competitive profiles were given to the client along with recommendations on partner suitability and target sales channels. As a result of the study, the client has successfully entered a distribution arrangement with a leading importer and its natural personal care products are slowly making inroads in British retailers.

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