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Australia Signs Organic Deal with China


Australia: Inglewood Farms Under New Ownership


Australia: Leadership Change for Jurlique




Australia Signs Organic Deal with China

Sales of Australian organic food and wine to China are expected to increase following the signing of the organic trade access agreement between the two countries.

The agreement was signed in Adelaide by Australian organic certifier the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and a Chinese organic certification body. The deal will allow NASAA to inspect organic operations for export to China, the first time any foreign organisation has gained such approval.

NASAA general manager Ben Copeman said it was the most significant initiative for the Australian organic industry in 30 years. "We estimate it could add A $60 million to A $100 million a year in trade to the Australian organic sector," he said.

"It will save operators thousands of dollars and months of paperwork in exporting their organic products to China." The deal will allow NASAA-trained and Beijing WuYue HuaXia Management and Technique Center (CHC) approved inspectors in Australia to audit certified operators.

Mr Copeland said this would allow Australian organic producers access to the highly regulated Chinese organic market with the same ease and cost structure as access to the American, Japanese or European organic markets. The Australian organic industry produced A $1.27 billion worth of produce in 2012 and is estimated to be growing by about 15 per cent a year.

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Source: The Advertiser (Australia)



Australia: Inglewood Farms Under New Ownership

Australia's largest organic poultry producer, Inglewood Farms, is under new ownership. Since taken over by the Youngberry family, the company has a new simplified management that will see the small business begin to thrive. Inglewood Farms was purchased in late 2013 from receivers for the failed RM Williams Agricultural Holdings company.

It's no ordinary family that takes on the challenge of turning a failed business around. CEO and family member Katrina Hobbs said: "The organic chicken farm has huge potential and our number one focus is getting back to basics to ensure the success of the business". The multi-generational Youngberry family has proven its business acumen in horticulture, operating Eden Farms with its 11 hectares of greenhouses. The hydroponic greenhouse operation is Australia's largest producer of cucumbers.

"We've built strong links with the community in our other operations in Bundaberg, Hampton, Highfields and Pittsworth and now we are looking forward to being a part of the Inglewood community," Katrina said.

"We are family oriented and we care. Approximately 800 people live in Inglewood and we have a little over 100 of them on our payroll at Inglewood Farms."

"We know what a big deal this is to the town and it means a lot to us that we have been able to retain this local workforce. The strength we see taking Inglewood Farms forwards is our vertical integration, right through from producing some of our own organic grain in Inglewood."

Forecasts for Australia's organic market are looking good, with an average growth projection for the coming years of 10 to 15 percent. "We are positioned well to supply the market which is increasingly interested in how their product was produced and the astute consumer wants to ensure their food is free from nasties like chemical residue, GMO, preservatives and medications.

"Our product ticks all the boxes. We're Certified Organic, which includes free range, and we even air chill our chickens, unlike the majority of Australian chicken which is processed using spin-chilling techniques which result in the final product absorbing highly chlorinated water."

Inglewood Farms chicken is distributed through Woolworths under the 'Macro' organic branding, as 'Inglewood Farms' chicken at Coles supermarkets, and in other organic retail stores and supermarkets across Australia.

Source: Queensland Country Life



Australia: Leadership Change for Jurlique

Pola Orbis Holdings Inc. has announced a new president and CEO at its Australian subsidiary Jurlique.

The Japanese company Pola Orbis acquired Jurlique in December 2011. As well as leading the Australian natural skincare products market, Jurlique has built an international presence; exports go to over 20 countries, including Singapore, China, Denmark, UK and the US.

Mark Whyman will take on the position of president and CEO, taking over from Toru Yamamoto. Whyman has been involved in many lifestyle and apparel brands and taken significant roles in their Asia and Oceania businesses. Jurlique has been proactively expanding globally, especially in China and Hong Kong, and a the new president and CEO of Jurlique, Whyman will be in charge of leading the further growth of the brand.

Additionally, Sam McKay, currently president and CEO of Julique, will be retiring and will be named an advisor for the overseas business of Pola Orbis Holdings Inc. as of April 1. Pola Orbis Holdings’ COO Takafumi Takezawa is also retiring.

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